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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. craig leonard says:

    hi there , just stumbled across your blog here find it interesting as i have fished under sail and oar in south east cornwall for 5years + .i have a 21ft yealm crabber grp based on a traditional fishing boat from the yealm .I have my boat registerd in looe fish quay where i land my catch after travellig overland ,i use gillnets,seine nets,hook and line and have a few pots . i started my fishing from a dinghy part time between work ,as the recession hit my work in the construction industry dried up and so now im really going for fishing under sail, id be interested in keeping in touch with you and seeing how you get on and to share advice as it in many ways is a forgotten trade , be good tohere from you ,craig leonard

  2. Roger Knight says:

    What an excellent project. The hull is coming along nicely. Are you getting support from local commercial fishermen? (or do they see you as competition?).

    • Cat says:

      Hi Roger! Thank you! Looking forward to getting some glass on the hull next week. Everyone’s been unbelievably supportive of our project so far, so we’re really looking forward to starting fishing!

  3. the Walrus says:

    Afloat – good, now you have to learn to sail her, singlehanded, blindfolded, whislt making a pot o’ tay and in all weathers! Once ye’ve done that ye should be able to start fishing – me? I’d run a few pots first and maybe a couple of long lines / spinners for mackerel in season – don’t rush it and leave the nets alone (thats an undemocratic way to fish……like using sonar and diesel engines!). Know what you are doing by Christmas – 2019 – if ye be lucky! Best o’ luck. Remember seafaring is a disease, once caught you’ve had it, no matter what level, but there again who’d want to!

  4. Phil Playfoot says:

    Hi Simon and Cat. Good to meet you on the beach on Portscatho as you were waiting to for the tide to come in. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. We passed your greetings to Nigel in Cadgwith when we went with him to haul lobster pots. looking forward to hearing how the vision unfolds. Phil

    • Cat says:

      Hi Phil, Great to meet you too and thanks so much for passing on our regards to Nigel. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday. Cheers, Cat and Si

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