Painting the hull

Well, here you are! Just what everyone needs on a sunny Friday evening when the pubs are opening…some pictures of paint drying!! I bet you’re all riveted. We’ve finally got a computer with a decent sized screen, so I thought I’d sit down and sort out any loose ends from the blog. Things got pretty hectic in the weeks leading up to our launch last August, so I neglected to write about the last few jobs of the build and I’ve been meaning to for ages. Some of these are worth explaining, but some – like this one – are not.

So here are some photos of us painting the hull last summer, just before we turned her over. Six coats of undercoat, wet sanded between coats and three coats of topside cream, together with two coats of underwater primer and antifoul below the waterline. Quite some solvents!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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