Kensa’s First Fish!

It was such lovely weather a month or so ago when we were working on Kensa with Planet anchored at Percuil that we couldn’t resist taking her out for a sail……or at least a bit of a sail. We’d finished the mizzen mast, yard and sail and the wind was fairly light so we decided to row out of the river and see how she went.

It was lovely seeing the mizzen up and getting an idea of how she’d look under sail. Every time we add another bit to Kensa she looks more like the original drawing in Si’s design and although this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it is always pleasantly satisfying to see her growing according to plan.

Obviously, by the time we’d rigged the mizzen and cleared tools and spare oars out of Kensa it was later than we’d anticipated, so we had a fairly slow row out of Percuil and down to St Mawes against the tide, which by this time had turned and was flooding. But we got there in the end and decided to head round to St Anthony.

Annoyingly, just as we got ourselves into a good spot for fishing the breeze began to pick up. Given the direction, we decided that given our basic rig it would be sensible to head back into St Mawes bay in case the wind got any stronger and started to push us towards the rocks or out to sea.

It was frankly a slog rowing back around Carricknath Point and into the shelter of St Mawes. With the main up as well we would have had no problem sailing it, which made us all the more determined to get Kensa finished and ready to go. But I’m glad we know for the future that we can row her into a reasonable breeze should it be necessary and still make progress, albeit slowly. Once we were sheltered again we were able to do a couple of reaches across from the castle and back to the other side under the mizzen. Clearly she steered about as well as a shopping trolley like this, but it gave us a brilliantly exciting glimpse of how she’ll eventually go under sail.

And the best news of the day was that for the short time we were out off St Anthony, Kensa caught us a fish! One small mackerel to be precise, which you can see me squeezing in delight in the picture above!! Not exactly a monster catch for our first time out fishing, but a very respectable place to start. And as the saying goes, a haul of a thousand fish must begin with a single mackerel.

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