The Launch!

Drum roll please…..! We are delighted (and mildly panicked) to announce that we will be launching our new sail and oar fishing boat from Tatum’s Beach, Portscatho at 2pm on Sunday 19th August! This year…

She is the first boat we’ve ever built and the first completely original boat design of Simon’s to be built. She’s also, to the best of our knowledge, the first new fishing boat to be built and launched in Portscatho for fifty years. So we’ve decided to call her ‘Kensa’, which is a Cornish girl’s name meaning ‘first’.

We hope our launch day will mark not only the completion of the boat build but also the start of us making a living from fishing under sail and oar. We’d love everyone to come and celebrate this with us. It’s not going to be an organised, formal occasion (we’re not very good at that!) but it will be an excellent excuse to spend the afternoon on the beach, raise a glass to our boat and her future and enjoy the sunshine…

Please feel free to print off and pass on the PDF of our launch poster here: LAUNCH DATE POSTER


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