Finding our workshop…

We’ve spent a while hunting around for somewhere to build our boat, asking around and looking at various possible options. But they were all too small or too exposed, too full of stuff or too far away. Every time we went anywhere in Portscatho or on the Roseland we found ourselves homing in on garages and likely looking barns and more than once Si and I broke off conversation while driving somewhere to say something along the lines of ‘That’s a nice barn. It’d make a good….mmmm.’ Then we’d go back to talking about water ballast or some other such riveting source of in-car entertainment. In our defence, the CD player in the car’s broken and to be honest the aerial’s not that much cop either.

Our search for a workshop was starting to feel a bit fruitless when we were very kindly offered the use of a building in the village. As you can imagine, we were delighted; it’s in the perfect place a short walk from home and the sea and is just the right size for our boat. There were just a couple of obstacles to overcome.  Literally.

After being out of use for a few years, the trees and brambles had started to encroach, and when we first went to look at the workshop you might have missed it if you were looking quickly. With a little help from our friends we set to work clearing a path and by the end of the first day we were already excited about our little space.

Simon, Debs and I spent the next couple of days patching up holes in the roof, reglazing broken windows, fixing lights and clearing space, and we now have a boat shed to be envious of! We are so grateful to Debs for her hard work – we never would have got the workshop ready so quickly without it! Here are the results, in pleasing makeover fashion. Heligan’s got nothing on us…


One thought on “Finding our workshop…

  1. Nick Vowles says:

    Wow, well done guys! Looks just the part.Love the door stop!
    We struggled to find a boat sed aswell and ended up building one thanks to donations from the village. The falling down play area made out of old telegraph poles made the frame, with the Methodist chapel’s old floor and the Anglican churches falling down shed making up the sides.We built ourselves a great boat shed and tidied up the village in the process! We had to buy a roof though.
    Looking forward to seeing your boat come together.

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