A spot of light reading….

Well with a bit of a broken laptop things have been quite slow here on the design front, but this has given us plenty of time to do some more reading and research. We paid a visit to Steve Neal at Fibrefusion last week to discuss profile cutting our design, and he was able to show us the capabilities of his machines and therefore the parameters within which Si’s design needs to work. Not only this, but we had the chance to catch up with Steve’s progress on his 18ft racing gaff cutter Daisy May and to fuss his black labrador. And best of all, Steve has very kindly lent us a computer to work with while we repair or replace the laptop Si usually designs on, which has refused to switch on since one fatal evening two weeks ago when I packed it away into its bag in a fit of tidiness. Moral of the story….

We’ve also been trying to find out more about fishing under sail. This has had some really interesting results, but I’ll talk about it separately as it deserves a post to itself.

The weather in the last few days has been quite extreme, so in many ways the fact that we haven’t started building our boat yet is not the end of the world. I’m sure we would have come up with our fair share of problems by now if we had. All the same, after two years living on Planet, it comes as a surprise to wake up in the middle of the night during a gale and not put our heads outside to check the lines.

Another change to our lives comes in the form of our reading habits, which have become rather more fishing than fiction. Our bedside tables are now both stacked with fishing cookbooks, local history books, boat construction books, catering supplies catalogues, memoirs of the Cornish fishing industry and my personal weekly favourite Fishing News. I feel I am becoming quite discerning about the centre page spread featuring ‘Boat of the Week’… With this in mind, I’ve set up another page for our blog called ‘Links’ where there are references for books and articles we’ve been using, as well as links to useful websites. Let us know if you have any recommendations.


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